LED Light Bars Demo

Our individually addressable LED light bars are designed to elevate stage design, visual art, and live performances. With user-friendly adaptability for aluminum structure assembly, these lights are both simple and beautiful.

The LED bars boast impressive brightness that can be read clearly even in bright daylight. Their light spill is stunning and adds a dynamic dash of color to any environment.

Using DMX protocol and MadMapper, our LED bars can be controlled in any order and easily scaled from simple installations to massive setups. With the ability to use all kinds of content such as video files, live camera feeds, and generative images, our LED bars offer limitless creative possibilities.

They come in two different sizes, 0.5 meter and 1 meter, with options for light diffusers and transparent covers.

Overall, our individually addressable LED light bars offer endless possibilities for creative expression and will bring any environment to life.