1871 Virtual Reality Dome

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    Virtual Reality

Midwest Immersive brought the thrill of Virtual Reality to the 1871 community with the creation of The Virtual Reality Dome. As part of the TGIF weekly happy hour event, community members were invited to step inside the dome and experience the wonders of VR for the very first time. Not only did the VR Dome offer a fun and exciting experience, but it also provided an opportunity for education on how this emerging technology is changing various industries.

Midwest Immersive provided two distinct experiences within the dome, Tilt Brush and VirZOOM VR bike, which left participants inspired and entertained. These experiences showcased the vast possibilities of what VR can offer and left a lasting positive impression on attendees.

The versatility of domes make them the perfect choice for any event, whether it be a dinner, concert, meeting, or product release. Their unique atmosphere creates a memorable and enjoyable experience for guests, providing a versatile and exciting solution. The domes come in a variety of sizes to fit any need, and can be customized with furniture, lighting, and other amenities to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. With a dome, you can bring your event to life and create an unforgettable experience for your guests.