1871’s Fifth Anniversary

In honor of 1871’s 5th Birthday, Midwest Immersive, an experiential marketing agency partner, collaborated with 1871 to create three brand activations that exemplified their commitment to innovation and technology.

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Mixed Reality Experience

Using a combination of professional grade cameras, green screen technology, and cutting-edge computers, we turned Virtual Reality, a single-person activity, into a group experience. Our live compositing process replaces the green screen background with scenes from the Virtual Reality headsets, in real-time; giving the onlookers context and allowing them to participate in the Virtual Reality experience.

Real-time Photo Collage Mapping

 We wanted to honor 1871’s rich history, celebrate the present and inspire the community to build the future. To do this, 1871 provided us with 50 photographs from the past 5 years and those we displayed in black-and-white on the collage. With a Cloudspotter integration, we were able to obtain and display photos being shot at the event and integrate them into the collage in real-time. The result: a magnificent display that’s updating and staying fresh for the entirety of the event.

Reactive Logo Mapping

1871 is the town square and central address for Chicago’s tech community and attracts nearly 2000 each day. To make the 5th birthday stand-out, we created a reactive video installation at the entrance reinforcing 1871’s brand identity. The installation was reactive to passersby using the Kinect motion sensor and added a splash of digital color to the event.

Overall, Midwest Immersive’s experiential marketing events provided guests with a memorable and immersive experience, and demonstrated the potential of experiential activations for brands. The success of this collaboration reinforces the reputation of experiential marketing companies and experiential agencies as leaders in creating brand activations that utilize technology and creative expertise to engage audiences.