Infinity LED Dance Floor

Step onto a dance floor where an explosion of colors beneath your feet mirrors every beat and rhythm! Our Infinity LED Dance Floor is the perfect focal point for your upcoming occasion, where the floor will dance with you.

Imagine having a dance floor that changes color and pattern to fit the theme of your event at the push of a button, giving you complete control over how unique your event will be. Our dance floor is about inclusivity, not just good looks. Completely ADA-compliant, we guarantee that, no matter what, everyone can experience the magic.

Our Infinity LED Dance Floor is the final component your event needs, whether it’s for a wedding, brand activation, corporate event, or any other celebration that needs a spectacular touch. Dance floor hire? Say no more. Let’s add sparkle to your event!

  • Available 144 tiles, each 2 ft x 2 ft
  • Maximum Coverage 576 sq ft
  • Layout Use 2 ft x 2 ft tiles for any shape
  • Customization Any color, many patterns
  • Availability Chicago, Midwest and Nationwide