Adidas Space Race

Space Race was an innovative and immersive installation created by our experiential marketing agency partner to showcase Adidas’ new products at the Dicks Sporting Goods Managers Meeting held in Orlando, Florida. The goal of the installation was to effectively communicate the story of Adidas’ Ultra Boost line to DSG managers and generate excitement about selling the products in stores.

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Technology and Creativity

The installation was a perfect blend of technology and creativity. It required a rapid-fire setup and intricate tech and AV integration to create a show-stopping experience that stood out as the best and most unique show on the convention floor. The final product incorporated projection mapping and lighting mapping technologies to create a visually stunning and interactive environment.


Using stage truss in a creative configuration, a quickly-assembled main structure was built, which was further enhanced with custom furnishings and branding to support showcased products and create a polished user experience. The rig consisted of three separate light show zones that were triggered using an iPad, adding an extra layer of interactivity to the experience.

Expertise in Experiential Marketing Industry

This Space Race installation was a perfect example of our expertise in being involved in experiential marketing events and brand activations that showcase products and generate excitement around brands. It was a true reflection of their commitment to using innovative technology creatively to create unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impression on attendees.