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Project Overview

Midwest Immersive partnered with Kim Products to create an augmented reality (AR) lens for a fashion launch party. The goal was to create an engaging, interactive experience for attendees and promote the new collection using Snapchat’s AR technology. The team developed a Snapchat lens using Snap Inc.’s Lens Studio and collaborated with the fashion designer to bring pieces of early 2000s nostalgia to life in augmented reality.


Midwest Immersive researched and tested various AR development tools before deciding on Lens Studio for its ease of use and comprehensive analytics. The team then worked with the fashion designer to create an AR lens that aligned with the party’s theme. The lens featured early 2000s nostalgia, such as spinning CDs, flip phones, and boomboxes, floating in the real world as seen through the Snapchat camera.

At the event, posters with the lens’ Snapcode were placed around the party for attendees to scan, giving them 24-hour access to the lens. Attendees were encouraged to point their cameras at different objects in the real world to see the AR elements pop up. The lens also included a Missy Elliott instrumental track that played over recorded videos made using the lens.


The Snapchat lens was a success, with 299 scans, 262 shares, and 24,391 views of snaps made using the lens during the three-hour event. Attendees also posted snaps from the event to their own stories, allowing thousands of Snapchat users to see the AR items alongside the fashion collection. Midwest Immersive utilized the Lens Studio’s analytics to measure the ROI of the AR marketing campaign, which could provide a baseline for future campaigns.


Midwest Immersive’s partnership with Kim Products and use of Snapchat AR for experiential marketing at a fashion launch party was a unique and engaging way to attract attendees and promote a new collection. The success of the project showcases the potential for AR technology to enhance marketing efforts and create immersive, interactive experiences for consumers. With the right strategy and execution, AR marketing campaigns could prove to be a valuable tool for marketers in the future.

Try The Lens on Snapchat!

  1. Open Snapchat and point your camera 📸 at the Snapcode ⬅️
  2. Press and hold on the Snapcode on your screen to scan it 👆
  3. Tap the 🔘 button (or press and hold it) to capture a Snap like usual!