1871 Momentum Awards

LED Lighting

In keeping with 1871’s commitment to showcasing innovation and technology, the experiential marketing agency Midwest Immersive was brought in to create a cutting-edge LED lighting installation for the 1871 Momentum Awards. Using 300 feet of RGB LED bars, the installation was designed to fit with the blue color profile and “emergence” theme of the event.

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Notable Attendees

The Momentum Awards are a highly anticipated event within Chicago’s tech community, attracting notable figures such as Governor-Elect JB Pritzker, SAP Fieldglass founder Jai Shekhawat, and former CEO of 1871 Howard Tullman. Other prominent guests included Discover CEO Roger Hochschild, tastytrade.com co-CEO Kristi Ross, MATH Venture Partners’s MD Troy Henikoff, and MATTER CEO Steven Collens.

Success of The Event

The LED lighting installation was a stunning visual element that added to the overall atmosphere of the event, showcasing the creativity and technical expertise of Midwest Immersive in the realm of experiential brand activations. The event was a great success, with attendees undoubtedly impressed by the level of innovation and attention to detail demonstrated in every aspect of the experience.