Lurie Children’s Hospital Prom

The Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago is renowned for providing exceptional pediatric care in the Midwest. Recently, a masquerade-themed event called “Unmasking the Future” was organized for kids restricted to the hospital. At Midwest Immersive, we recognized an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on these children’s lives.

To achieve our goal of exposing kids to this amazing new creative medium, we created a Mixed Reality Experience. This experience is a significant improvement over the current standards for VR videos, which usually depict a person with a headset walking around, flailing their arms aimlessly, with a shaky first-person point-of-view from the player’s perspective. We used a technology developed for James Cameron’s film Avatar and green screen to visualize precisely what is being experienced inside the headset from a third-person perspective. This innovative approach allowed us to create an immersive and engaging video that accurately depicts the VR experience.

Our team was thrilled to take on the challenge of creating a Virtual Reality (VR) experience for the kids, ensuring that they did not miss out on attending prom. Working in a highly restricted environment, we collaborated with Lurie Children’s Hospital to provide an amazing VR experience to the patients. Our goal was to offer a professional and collaborative experience that these kids would always cherish.

Our partnership with Midwest Immersive for our Lurie Children’s prom in 2017 provided our patients with an amazing VR experience. The team was professional, prepared and ready to collaborate in a very restricted environment. We look forward to exploring new possibilities for our patient families with them.

Maria Minjares
Network TV Production Coordinator
Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago