Nike Air Force 1 Pop-Up

Nike hosted an Air Force 1 pop-up event in Chicago as part of its experiential marketing campaign. The event was organized in partnership with Limitless, an experiential marketing agency, and highlighted the stories of six Chicago-based creatives who embody the Air Force 1 and the city’s spirit.

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To create an unforgettable experience, Midwest Immersive, an expert in projection mapping technology creative, designed a stunning wall projection installation using mapping projection. The installation covered a large curved wall, and three overlapping projectors were used to create a seamless projection mapped environment. The wall projections were edge-blended for full coverage and maximum brightness, creating an immersive environment that perfectly complemented the brand activations.

Attendees could enjoy the room projection while donating to a good cause and customizing their very own pair of iconic Nike Air Force 1s. The experiential marketing event was a huge success, with many attendees sharing their experiences on social media and generating buzz for Nike’s brand activations.